About Cultivate

Cultivate: The Feminist Journal of the Centre for Women’s Studies

Cultivate is an annual, open-access journal based in the University of York at the Centre for Women’s Studies. We are postgraduate-led and interested in the practices, nuances and articulations of feminism. We are based in Europe but open to global submissions of all kinds of studies related to or about feminism. We accept academic essays as well as cultural commentary and creative work. Both academics and non-academics are encouraged to submit material, in all mediums of art and critical thought, including but not limited to essays, photo essays, poetry, videos, podcasts.

Why cultivate?

Feminism is a journey; rarely smooth and always challenging. This journal seeks to acknowledge the diverse roads that we travel and create a platform which nurtures the sharing of experiences, the telling of tales, the subverting of paradigms and the expression of dissents towards a goal of shared learning and feminist development.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this Journal and on this site are not necessarily shared by the Centre for Women’s Studies or The University of York.

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