River winding

River Winding

Yu Wen Lee

Here is a river winding in your mind, that’s your tear.

A gloomy person is engulfed 

by fear, sadness, 

and uncomfortable things

 It is what it is.

   So vulnerable, 

    so fragile, 

     missing all the happy things 

      far away from you.

      Here is a voice approaching your place.

     Don’t be afraid; you know you will be here for yourself.

    You start to feel your emotions.

   Your heart no longer seems to be insensitive to pain.

  Crying, screaming, being furious,

 all show that you are who you are.

Reborn from the emotions,

stand up in a feminist way with supportive friends around you.

You know you are

strong enough,

brave enough,

loved enough,

encouraged enough.

It is calm after the storm; 

flowers are flourishing by the river.

Dancing with your emotions, you are ready for the next journey.

You deserve yourself.