Editorial and Cover Art


Cover art was designed by our associate editor Tallulah Lines.

Our issue on bodies was inspired by the increased discussion around ‘body positivity’ in both mainstream media and feminist discourses. However, we are thrilled with the diverse and articulate submissions we received and are extremely happy to present Cultivate’s second issue. In addition to debates around breastfeeding past infancy, critiques of the representation of Polynesian women as ‘mermaids’, neoliberal discussions around fat bodies and transmasculinities in fan fiction, this issue includes works of poetry, fashion and sculpture.

Thank you to the staff at the Centre for Women’s Studies for their guidance around the publication of this issue and our reviewers who volunteered their time and submitted thoughtful and constructive feedback to our contributors. I am eternally grateful to our group of fabulous associate editors, administrators and our guest editor Nicole Froio who helped me work through each complex stage of this issue. Lastly, I would like to thank our contributors whose hard work, insightful ideas and art made this issue possible.

Gemma Gibson